Become an investor

Questions on investment

Where is the product in demand?
Is the product certified?
Consumers of the product (target audience)
Who could be considered competitors?
How does the Company's product stand out from the competitors?
Is the product seasonal in nature? If so, how does it manifest itself?
Are there any restrictions on the sale of products at the legislative level? How might this influence the sales?
What goals does the Company plan to achieve?
Who is involved in the development, testing, experimentation, study of the final product?
How long has the product been developed and tested?
Who did provide conclusions about the quality and effectiveness of uTerra products?
Are there independent experts ready to confirm the effectiveness of the uTerra elixir?
What volume of products is the plant ready to produce annually?
Is the logistics in the domestic regions and beyond thought out?
What is the Sustainable Biosphere Cluster and what does it include?
What countries are interested in the Cluster developments?
How much better is the uTerra elixir than similar products in terms of benefits?
Is there a chance that the product will not be effective in a particular region?
Is it possible to come and taste the vegetables, herbs, fruits grown with uTerra natural humus and uTerra elixir?
When talking about end products, do we mean only uTerra soil elixir and biohumus?
Is the plant environmentally friendly? Will it apply eco-standards?
Has work on popularization of biohumus and uTerra elixir been done before?
Is the production of uTerra elixir dangerous?
How and where will the plant be registered?
Who will be involved in the construction of the plant? Have the contractors been identified?
Is it possible to build similar plants in other regions in the future? Are there any plans to scale up?
How much money should be raised for the construction of the plant?
During what period is planned to collect the necessary sum for the construction of the plant?
How will the investment take place?
What profit will the investors of the Project receive?
Is there a one-time profit or multiple profits?
When will it be possible to get the first profit?
How often will investors recieve a profit?
Is the minimum amount of investment in the Project determined?
Who will be able to invest in the Project?
Will interim accounts be provided to investors? If so, in what form?
Are we talking about a guaranteed profit, or is it still an opportunity to make a profit?
Where can I see the investment agreement in advance?