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Making the earth wealthier
Increasing yields up to 50% with the help of unique soil elixir uTerra and biohumus
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Increases yields by 35-50%
Accelerates plant growth and enhances fruit flavour
Protects against diseases and pests;
Reduces nitrate presence

From the creator:

Anatoli Unitsky
«We're bringing back the health of the soil. Even the dead earth becomes healthy. And the health of the biosphere and the health of any living organism, including humans, depends on the health of the soil. Health starts with the soil».
Scientists of Unitsky Group of Companies have designed a technology of soil elixir production to revitalise dead soil and increase fertility. It is a technology that will solve the problem of hunger and approaching deserts in many regions of the world.

Product video

A.E. Unitsky on the importance of humus
The topsoil is full of many microorganisms, minerals and natural elements without which life on Earth would be impossible. Humus is an important component for plant growth and the production of environmentally friendly products without chemical impurities, nitrates and carcinogens.
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What is biohumus?
Biohumus uTerra is a natural organic additive for the soil, obtained as a result of the processing of carefully selected organic waste by special types of earthworms. It has a high concentration of soil microorganisms, contains a full range of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, as well as macro- and microelements essential for plants growth and development.
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Production of uTerra soil elixir
The production of uTerra soil elixir starts with the grinding of coal. In parallel, soil bacterial cultures are grown by specialists. uTerra products have been tested on soil that has been unused for many years and affected soil, showing high and consistent yields.
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Stages of production

Scheme for obtaining uTerra elixir:

Each step in the creation of the elixir is subject to careful quality control. No artificially created chemicals are used in the production.
1 Peat supply
We deliver ecologically clean lignite and peat, which are characterised by a high content of rare earth elements.
2 Humic acids extraction
Lignite and peat are used in a special process to produce humic substances, a complex mixture of natural compounds that do not exist in living organisms.
3 Optimisation of the composition, correction of the level of acidity
The acidity level is then controlled so that the nutrients do not lose their properties and are maximised for future plant uptake.
4 Introduction of a bacterial inoculum
Unique biopreparations containing live cultures of microorganisms useful for plants are added to the composition.
5 Processing into a soil elixir
With the help of special equipment, the resulting mixture is processed into a liquid soil elixir while preserving all the beneficial properties of the mixture.
Raw materials used

The raw materials are:

Lignite coal
Neutralises the effects of harmful toxins and acts as a sorbtive medium.
Lignite coal
Rich in antioxidants, contains many minerals including potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, etc.
It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
Strengthens the protective functions of the soil, increases plant immunity and fortifies the soil.
Organic elements
Comprehensively impacts the soil, maintaining the balance of key elements necessary for soil restoration and protection.
Organic elements
Lignite coal
Organic elements
No synthetic substitutes are used in the production of uTerra soil elixir. The use of exclusively natural ingredients has a positive effect on the final food products.

Application of uTerra soil elixir

The uTerra soil elixir is applied in the form of an aqueous solution in two fertilisation methods:
The proportions of the solution depend on the type of fertiliser. The quantitative ratio of aqueous fertilisation is in the range of from 1:10 to 1:1000
Sustainable Biosphere Cluster

The products will be created on the premises of Sustainable Biosphere Cluster

It is a closed production agricultural complex with a subtropical microclimate. It will make it possible to produce organic agricultural products based on uTerra biohumus and uTerra soil elixir with significantly higher yields and quality.

Soil elixir and biohumus are in demand:

At households
In private farming
In floriculture
Grow healthy and delicious vegetables, fruits and berries for personal needs on the farm
Grow and sell natural products without chemical additives and mixtures
Breed beautifully flowering plants at home, in greenhouses and glasshouses.